Perkin Warbeck

Our Artistic Director Alasdair Hunter is pleased to collaborate with our fellow STA members Brave Spirits Theatre, directing John Ford’s PERKIN WARBECK.

BST’s online reading festival celebrates history plays of the English early modern stage, revealing the breadth and popularity of the history genre during Shakespeare’s era. Including works by playwrights such as Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Heywood, George Peele, and John Ford, these plays span historical events from 1199 to 1499 and live in conversation with Shakespeare’s history plays, providing source material and alternate versions of events and characters.


Perkin Warbeck


Amy Conway — King Henry
Angie Cassidy — King James
Danielle Jam — Perkin Warbeck
Charlotte Driessler — Daubeny
Lesley Lemon — Crawford
Tanyaradzwa Gimani — Katherine
Molly Crighton — Huntly
Beth Frieden — Oxford
Kim Allan — Durham / Astley
EmmaClaire Brightlyn — Daliell / Surrey
Cate Barr — Urswick / Heron
Valerie Andrews — Clifford / Hialis / Mayor of Cork
Zoe Bullock — Frion / Countess / Marchmont / Simnel
Rachel Guthrie — Jane / Skelton / Constable / Stanley

Kicking off after the events of Shakespeare’s Histories, the evil deeds of Richard III continue to haunt the court of England. King Henry VII struggles to maintain his right to the English throne against pretenders who claim to be lost descendants of the House of York. The latest claimant is Perkin Warbeck, who says he is one of the missing Princes in the Tower, and he has come to take the crown with the backing of King James IV of Scotland. As he puts down a rebellion in Cornwall and enlists an alliance with Spain, Henry VII pursues Warbeck and his followers to defend the crown and rid England of any challengers, once and for all.

John Ford, famous for his tragedies ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore and The Broken Heart, crafts an enigmatic and complex look at a man working to claim his legacy and the kingdom desperate to stop him. As one of the latest examples of a ‘history’ play in the period, Ford weaves political backstabbing with a complex character portrayal to depict both action and eloquence.

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