Danielle Jam as Gower

April 2019 – RRS Discovery
In association with Dundee Rep as part of the Rep Stripped Programme

“It hath been sung at festivals,
On ’ember-eves and holidays;
And lords and ladies in their lives
Have read it for restoratives:
If you, born in these latter times,
When wit’s more ripe, accept my rhymes.
And that to hear an old man sing
May to your wishes pleasure bring
I life would wish, and that I might
Waste it for you, like taper-light.”

Gower. Pericles by William Shakespeare – Act One Scene One

On Shakespeare’s birthday seven actors will approach seven bottles. Within these seven bottles are seven scrolls. These scrolls contain all the actor will need to conjure a unique version of one of Shakespeare’s plays, for one night only, in an iconic Dundee location.


The Pericles company was:

Barrie Hunter
Chiara Sparkes
Daniel Cameron
Danielle Jam
Emily Winter
Irene Macdougall
Ross Baxter

With thanks to Ewan Donald and Ann Louise Ross for their generosity during the development of Pericles.
Special thanks to Jordan Blackwood and Carla Marina Almeida for producing support.